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Am I Entitled To Turkish Citizenship When Buying A Property In Turkey?

When you finally decide to go for it, remember that the possibility of selling such property within 3 years will be blocked with the notation in the mortgage register.

Everyone who is interested in Turkish Citizenship has its own motivation but according to me, the most important advantage of getting it, is free access to any kind of investments or business possibilities. Remember that Turkey is not the member of UE, so in order to be able to work here, foreigners need a working permit which is not easy to obtain, indeed.

When you have already bought such property, and applying for Turkish “KİMLİK” your spouse and children who are less than 18 years old are getting Turkish Citızenship as well, and kids who will be born after that time. As far as I know, most of countries let to multiply citizeships.

Important is, that if you are planning to buy a property in order to get Citizenship it does not have to be single property. All properties are counted (their official value on the date of Title Deed delivery) which you bought from a Turkish Citizen or Turkish Company since January 2018. These can be residential or commercial, and land properties as well.

Next important case is that the payment for such transaction need to be done via buyer-seller bank account (the official part of property value-400 k dollar).

This subject has several important “must know ” so ıf you will be intereseted in more info do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

However if from any reason you are not interested in buying property at such price there is another option; if during 5 years you obtain a residency permit based on the owning the title deed (for any value) , than you are allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship. So if this is what you are thinking about start now to learn Turkish language 🙂 it will be good to know it better than “merhaba, nasılsınız ?” (hi, how are you? )  during the application process.

source:  Türk Vatandaşlığı Kanununun Uygulanmasına İlişkin Yönetmelikte Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Yönetmelik

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