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Alanya, Antalya, Turkey



Cost of life in Alanya

When I moved to Alanya in 2008 clearly could see the difference in prices compared for example with Cracov. Yellow cheese…My first piece of cheese purchased from the Metro FOR ONLY 18 tl proved to be the most expensive 80 gram piece ever. After paying I have noticed that the price was per piece not per kg 🙂 A ” small” difference. I also always wondered about price of bananas in the famous banana center , on the same level as imported or more expensive. Ok local dairy products and especially yoghurt has pretty decent prices, but it can not be said the same about a red meat or fish. Shall I mention the price of fuel ? Yes, nowadays 4,50 lira/l. On the other hand, rural products on the bazaar can be bought for a “normal” money + a lot of sunshine (instead of spending regular solarium 🙂 and the balance in favour of Alanya 🙂

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