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When looking for an apartment to buy you are searching in lots of different websites, looking at hundreds of adverts, no wonder that after some time you don’t know which offers have actually really catch your attention.

Our website is being built and updated primarily for you so that you can quickly reach the information which you are looking for, and thanks to that buy an apartment quickly, efficiently and possibly stress-free.

By registering in our service, you have possibility of remembering your searching results. Have you got interested in some photographs, price or attractive social area? Just click “Add to favourites”. Maybe you want to compare a few of chosen properties? It could not be simpler – add them to the comparing list and you will see the advantages and disadvantages of the apartments shown in one document. Would you like to take some notes? Print the comparing list and make your remarks, questions to the real estate agent – it can considerably help you in making the right decision.

And maybe you visit our website just from time to time, but you would like to know whether the price or status of the property changes. No problem! Just add chosen properties to your favourites and that way you will gain access to your list, without losing time for further searching.

We wish you a nice time while using our website and making accurate and good investment decisions.

Let's look at procedures which You have to go through when you want to buy an apartment in Alanya.

1. You are choosing properties from our web site, which you want to see and giving suitable term for visit in Alanya.
2. You are booking few free days /minimum 3-4/ for staying in Alanya during which you will be able to see chosen offers and make sure that your decision is the proper one.
3. Now time for booking the flight - here if you wish we can fix the tickets without any extra charge just give us suitable dates.
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Do you want to live by the Mediterranean Sea? Are you going through innumerable amounts of adverts?

The brave customer comes to Alanya and on his/her own, by rented car, searches for the apartment of his dreams. As a result, the kilometres that he makes make him start thinking how to make it possible that car drives on oxygen, not petrol. They slowly lose their faith that they will make their plan come true without losses in their health condition. How to avoid all those unnecessary problems, expenses and nerves?

Sunlight Estate is not only real estate agency. Most importantly, it is a team consisting of people who fulfill their duties scrupulously and with care, and their main rule in acting is honesty. 

Continuous development of the company, every day struggle with different tasks, which require proper knowledge and experience, result in high quality services.

Sunlight Estate co-operates with people, whom it trusts and whose services can be recommended to the customers, so remember that if you entrust us to furnish your apartment for example, you entrust it to the right people.

You have purchased the apartment of your dreams and the next step is to furnish it, including the kitchen? Or you invested into the property and now are willing to rent it but you want to rent it furnished?

Equipping the kitchen is a big challenge. Kitchen appliances market is so rich and it offers more and more new models and new appliances, but in general what you need are: fridge / refrigerator, cooker/oven, dishwasher, washing machine and extractor hood.

We cooperate with the ARÇELIK company which produces really good quality appliances on Turkish market. Here are options to furnish your kitchen with standard and built-in appliances, in basic and lux option:

  1. Standard basic: 3.850 – 4.350 Tl
  2. Standard lux: 8.560 – 9.900 Tl
  3. Built-in basic: 6.700 – 7600 Tl
  4. Built-in lux: 10.500 – 15.300Tl
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