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Metrohouse & Co agency claims that the position of real estates in relation to the points of compass is of crucial importance to the buyers. As much as 91% of real estate agents polled, admit that customers pay attention to the direction the windows face. It is maybe not as essential a factor as location or the price of the apartment, but if the prices are comparable, the more sun-filled the apartment, the more attractive to the buyer – admits director Aws Kiniani from Metrohouse.
The majority of respondents regard apartments facing the south-west (33.7%) and the south (27.2%) as the most attractive. This trend is also observed on the primary market. Developers have problems with selling apartments that are less sun-filled for example due to high-density housing.
How does this situation look in Alanya? The location of the apartment according to directions is crucial because it’s not just the matter of the sun entering the rooms, but first of all the view. Apartments facing the south have view of the blue Mediterranean Sea (provided that the location is right and the floor high) and these are the most expensive.
However, the ones facing the north are more attractive regarding the price and from them an owner can enjoy a beautiful panorama on the picturesque Taurus Mountains.
Moreover, the customers purchasing apartments on the Turkish Riviera often consider another factor related to the directions – ones that plan to live in Alanya seasonally prefer cooler, north-facing apartments if they want to stay in Alanya during the hot summer or south-facing if they want to stay here in winter.
Source:  http://www.wyborcza.biz