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The costs of maintaining an apartment in Alanya are dependent on:

• Location of the property: in a detached building with no facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym, sauna, security, you will find low costs of maintenance of common areas, e.g. from about € 5 to € 10 per month. Houses and apartments located in a complex with the abovementioned facilities and expanded health center facilities mean monthly costs of maintenance in the amount of € 35-70.

• Apartment's size: it does not mean, however, the area expressed in square meters but number of bedrooms, because it is the parameter that is affecting the administrative fee. Apartment type 1+1 (1 bedroom + 1 living room) has generally the lowest fee, which increases in direct proportion to the number of bedrooms. Bedrooms also translate into the amount of used air conditioning units, and thus the amount of electricity bills.

• Government housing values (official value): from which you pay an annual property tax (which in the case of residential real estate is 0.001%) and which are determined by local authorities.

• Ways of heating in the winter time: most popular are electric fans, which are being used in the cooler winter evenings. More efficient way, however, is using of oil stoves, which emit heat much longer. The popular air conditioners are bifunctional, they cool air in summer and warm in winter, but this method of heating is the least efficient and relatively more expensive than the others.

• Ways of heating water: in most buildings there are solar panels installed, which on the bright, sunny days are a source of free energy used to heat the barrel with water. This is the most popular and most economical source of hot water. At the same time in most homes there are also flow-through boilers, which allow to heat water on cloudy or rainy days.

Keep in mind, however, the fact that in most newly built residential complexes developers stay away from the tradition of putting solar panels, which "spoils" view of roofs. Unfortunately, this means that in their place electric boilers are being installed which use quite a lot of electricity.