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The subject of sitting permit in Turkey is a very important issue for every foreigner who comes here and plans to stay here longer than allowed 90 days within the period of 180 days on the basis of standard touristic visa. As most of you who are interested in the subject know, the formalities connected with filing the documents for ikamet can be now sorted out in Alanya – only for one year the immigration office (Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü) got closed, and all the formalities needed to be sorted out in Antalya, but of course it was connected not only with quite a long trip, but also with additional stress. However, since May 2016 the office in Alanya has been reinstated and located in the building of Nüfus Idaresi (Register office).
Those ones who have already experienced this “pleasure” of striving with Turkish beaurocracy, and filed the application for ikamet, are aware of the fact that procedures and rules continue to change all the time. Every year there are new documents needed or the application is examined with accordance to new rules, which naturally causes quite a confusion. We did some research, as in November 2016 new rules entered into force, and that way perhaps our article shall be useful.

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Visiting the Alanya Castle was possible till now by using everything with wheels or you could reach it by walk - what in 35 dagree was not an easy thing to do at all:)

After some years (2012 project decision has been taken ) finally we will are able to use cable car which main station is settled just by the Touristic Center on Damlataş Beach.

Finally our team decided to try Alanya cable car:) It really worths! Even if by living here in one of the most beautyful places in the world we got used to nice views, seeing this from cable car perspective gave us really good feeling.

Not so long ago we have been informing you about that project and that have the development plan of the cable car in Alanya castle realized by Alanya Municipality got accepted by the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of Antalya. And now we have it ready and in action:) We are really proud of it ! some days ago we had an official opening with many of official guests and lots of  "old" and "new" residents of Alanyaeni Alanyalılar".

I am sure that the project will have bigger impact on the tourism of Alanya than expected. 

Just will remind  what was the main reason for the project of cable car in Alanya?

  • to prevent the castle from the damage;there are totally around 30 000 cars climbing up to Alanya’s castle per year. The castle is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and the exhaust gas and shaking resulted from the cars are the cause fort he damage of the walls of the castle. Therefore the project of Alanya municipality is an answer to the problem of damaging the castle, to protect it and at the same time to increase the visits in this site. 
  • to increase the visits in Alanya; Alanya Castle which derives from the 13th century is one of the symbols of Alanya and it is located on top of the peninsula around 250 metres over the sea level. The walls of the castle are 6.5 kilometers long and there are people living within the walls. The castle was Antalya’s 3rd most visited site last year. 

I would like to share with you some photos taken during our pilot trip:) Enjoy it and must try yourself!

Alanya cable car is really great

Alanya cable car is really great

Alanya cable car is really great

Alanya cable car is really great

Alanya cable car is really great

View from Alanya cable car is really great

Sunlight Estate trying cable car in Alanya

what a view from cable car to Kleopatra Beach in Alanya

Evening view in Alanya

to be on the top of Alanya castle in 3 minutes

cable car Alanya stop at the castle
Night view of Alanya from cable car
You need to try at least once the cable car trip to Alanya castle




One of the most common questions asked by people visiting Turkey for the first time, is: "What kind of currency should I use in Turkey?” The answer seems obvious: the official currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira, and prices stated in that currency are usually lowest. Euro or U.S. dollars are accepted but it is better to exchange them in banks (where sometimes you need to show your passport) or in change offices (usually there is no commission, especially in Alanya, but you may want to make sure before changing money). In Alanya change offices are very common, especially in the city center you will see them on each corner and using them is more comfortable and quicker than waiting in a queue in a bank.

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For the last few days the most frequent subject which appears in foreigners' conversations is the new regulation of Turkish law that has been published in  the Journal of Laws on 13th October 2015. The new law provides extension of time within which cars from abroad belonging to foreign citizens can stay in the Republic of Turkey. Since November previous year a lot of discussions have taken place and they finally became successful.

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The provision of private health insurance is now a mandatory requirement, as part of the new regulations that came into effect in April of this year for foreigners applying for a residence permit in Turkey.Elvan Atalay, Güneş Sigorta Health Insurance Group’s Manager, is answering for questions regarding the scope of the requirements and the issues which should be taken into consideration.

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