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When China decides to do something, the country can be incredibly agile and quick in implementation. One example is the construction of a "Forest City" that pushes the boundaries of sustainable urban planning and development, a concept the EPA should certainly take a look at. If we could have our Forest City in Alanya ....dream ? Türkey has great architects, guys move on :) We got new big streets...yes we need them, but city needs also somenthing to breath, so we need trees. Why buildings have to be one by one with no space between others (1,5 m it is not living space...). I know the subject is not easy but it does not mean not possible to solve it out. Lets think about future of Alanya how it will look like in 20 years....will it keep any greeny or only in high mountains a bit left where nature will not allowed to touch them anymore....

forestcityproject 1

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On 12th January 2017 new regulations on receiving Turkish citizenship have come into power (BKK 2016/9601 Türk Vatandaşlığı Kanununun Uygulanmasına İlişkin Yönetmelikte Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Yönetmelik). According to them each foreigner who buys property worth minimum 1 million dollars and will not sell it for the following three years, can be given Turkish citizenship. The possibility of selling the property will be blocked with the notation in the mortgage register.
Therefore, to be more clear, for a potential buyer of a holiday apartment, the market value of which is around 100.000EUR, the Turkish citizenship and, in consequence, the right to undertake legal work, is still out of reach.


Despite continued uncertainty in the social and geo-political arena and the fact that tourist visitors have largely stayed away from Turkey in 2016, this has had nowhere near the impact that was expected on foreign property investment – indeed, recently released figures make for relatively cheery reading.

This year has been the worst on record (in recent memory) for Turkish tourism; with estimated revenue losses at around 11 -12 billion US$, leading many industry insiders to declare that 2016 should be considered a ‘lost year’.
Tourist visitor numbers (for the year)are estimated to be down by around 45% compared to 2015 – for some countries, the estimate is much greater – the numbers for Russian tourist visitors, for example, are down by an estimated 90%.

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Foreign buyers are interested in the real estate market in Turkey with figures from the country’s Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning showed that sales to overseas buyers more than doubled in the first six months of 2013 compared with the same period in 2012.

Foreign investments in the Turkish real estate sector totalled 7,145 in the first half of the year, compared with 3,107 a year earlier. Experts say that the relaxation of Turkey’s reciprocal ownership laws last year seems to be taking effect.

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All taxes are to be paid locally according to the local law. Transfer tax rate for the estate transactions (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is 4% of the official value of the premises in question (which is usually ca. 40-60% lower than the actual selling value). The Buyer shall pay %2 - same as the Seller, but in practice the Buyer covers this cost.

The new Tapu system has started ! Lets hope that this really will make sale process much shorter and easier. What has changed?  If in building where you are interested in buying an apartment any other foreigner already has  bought, than it`s enough to deliver copy of such sample  tapu with you. Your application will not go anymore to Izmir or Ankara :) Means it's now taking just 2 days -sometimes even possible to be done within one day. It has never before been so simple and fast to became an owner of property in Turkey.