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alanya-property-managementIf you don’t live in Alanya permanently and you can’t cope with everything connected with managing your apartment on your own, you can make use of Sunlight Estate’s help. Within the agreement to manage your property, which is formulated individually, we put effort into taking action for you and act on your behalf.

We represent you at annual homeowners association meetings, we contact with water and electricity providers and local councils. We pay your current bills, look after your property and make sure it is in a good condition, if any failure occurs we will remove its effects. Your apartment under our supervision will be regularly controlled and aired. Of course we live in times when nearly everything can be coped with via the Internet, so you can pay your bills by yourself. However, checking an apartment after a heavy storm or a routine monthly control if everything is in order has to be done in person. What is more, if you leave Sunlight Estate a deposit to pay your bills you will save on international money transfers. Generally in Europe you can transfer your money via the Internet and it doesn’t carry any risk, but may not be as safe in Turkey. Here many matters are still solved face to face. It often turns out that it works to people’s advantage. You have to be particularly careful on the question of electricity bills. We often hear about cases when electricity meters are faulty and in an apartment where nobody stayed for months, the electricity bill amounts up to thousands of liras. What can you do in such a situation? Unfortunately, the owner is obliged to pay the bill and if they suspect that the meter is faulty, they have the right to change it for a new one. Chances to get a refund are low. This is just one instance showing that it is essential that somebody inspected the condition of your property. Moreover, you will save money on interpreters for the homeowners association meetings or in a situation when you need to clarify the tax questions. Don’t forget that one hour of an interpreter’s work is approx. €45 and such meeting takes 2 hours at least, so paying yearly €350 you are getting extra service for about 30 € per month! When you come to spend your holiday in your own apartment it will await you spotlessly clean, what contrary to its trivial appearance means really a lot as just dusting the apartment after a few weeks will take a whole day.

To sum up, when you leave your home in our keeping, you can sleep easily.