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Why is setting some time aside for the investment trip worth considering right now? Because we will refund the cost of the flight and accommodation*
An investment trip is a few-day-stay in Alanya, combined with sightseeing of the region, visiting the properties and gathering information about the investment.

During the stay a licenced Sunlight Estate agent, experienced on both Turkish and European market, will accompany you. The schedule of the trip is usually planned individually and its course depends on the type of property you desire, number of days reserved for the trip and choice of extra activities, for example optional trips. Sunlight Estate offers help with booking the flight tickets and accommodation, the company also provides their own apartments for accommodation. If you come to Alanya on your own account and would like make use of the service of a professional investment guide, we are at your disposal. It’s enough if you inform us via e-mail about your plans and we’ll get in touch with you to present you a schedule made especially for you. Before you decide, you must take a closer look at Alanya!

If you want to learn what an investment trip might look like, here’s a sample schedule.

Day one:

  • Meeting at the airport and transfer to Alanya
  • Arrival at Alanya
  • Accommodation in the chosen hotel or apartment
  • Depending on the arrival time – a welcome meal or rest at the place of accommodation

Day two:

  • Information meeting at the Sunlight Estate office
  • Trip to visit the properties
  • Lunch Break at a typical Turkish restaurant serving local cuisine
  • Meeting at the office and continuation of visiting the properties

Day three:

  • Visiting the chosen properties and negotiations
  • Meeting at the office
  • Introduction to the next stages of the investment process
  • Decisions on the content of the contract

Day four:

  • Registration at the tax office to get a taxpayer identification number
  • Opening a bank account
  • Assembling a set of documents essential for the transaction

Day five:

  • Signing the sales contract
  • Visit at the Department of Real Estate Registration in Alanya to submit the documents essential for the purchase or for a visit at the notary to give us power of attorney to act on your behalf
  • Meeting at the office
  • Introduction to the post-sale services

Day six:

  • Post-sale services (for example, choosing the furniture and buying items for the apartment)  
  • Celebrating the purchase – a meal at the regional restaurant together.
  • Time for relax

Day seven:

  • Official farewell
  • Transfer to the airport and departure to your country

*offer applies to purchases from the primary market and the maximum refund is 500 €