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In connection with the continued since July 2016 state of emergency in Turkey from 31/10/2016 every tenant or guest must be registered at the police office within 24 hours of entering the apartment. As we know it, the law may exist on paper but when it comes to real life, none of the private owners (or almost no-one) has put any care about this topic so far... Until recently, when police began to walk around the apartments, knock on the door and ask for passports and rental contracts or tapu (legal extract from property registration office) and subject became more serious. I had such a control in January and February - twice in two different housing estates ... The control itself is nothing scary, worse if there is a tenant who is not registered. The punishment is painful because it amounts of at least 15.000 tl !!! And if the action like that repeats, goverment closes the agency who was the intermediator.

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The property tax on duplexes and villas, which are defined as luxurious goods are calculated differently and in effect we can expect that the tax rate will be double compared to one-level-flats of the same metric area. The yearly tax is paid in two instalments i.e. the first instalment is paid between March and May, the second before the end of November but ofcourse you are alowed to pay all tax at once in first half of the year.
Retired Turkish citizens who own just one property in Turkey, are registered in the area where the property is situated and stay here permanently are exempted from the payment.

  •  Residential properties 0,1% of the property’s value assessed by the government
  • Commercial properties 0,2% of the property’s value assessed by the government
  • Land properties 0,3% of the property’s value assessed by the government
  • The property tax is paid at the City Council where the property is located
  • Water and waste management taxes are included in your water bill
  • Commercial property tax is higher and paid directly at the City Council

The costs of maintaining an apartment in Alanya are dependent on:

• Location of the property: in a detached building with no facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym, sauna, security, you will find low costs of maintenance of common areas, e.g. from about € 5 to € 10 per month. Houses and apartments located in a complex with the abovementioned facilities and expanded health center facilities mean monthly costs of maintenance in the amount of € 35-70.

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