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What to expect if selling your property with our company?

  • We will prepare a professional valuation of your property;
  • We will prepare the property for the photographs (you can also use the service of Home Staging);
  • We will prepare all the documentation necessary for accepting the property to our offer;
  • We will publish an advertisement presenting your property on our website and other real estate portals, which we co-operate with;
  • We will present the apartment to interested potential buyers, and if the one decides about the purchase, you will in this moment become an active participant of the procedure;
  • We will inform you about purchase offer made by the customer and, provided you accept it, we will prepare the sale contract, which we will send you so that you can approve it;
  • With the contractors we establish the date of property ownership transfer – in this moment you are supposed to take decision whether you come to Alanya in the designated time or you decide to grant our agency with the Power of Attorney, which will save you all the trouble with buying airplane tickets, getting holiday from work, getting stressed about going through all the sale procedure yourself.
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Very often the subject of granting a Power of Attorney (shortly called POA) for selling your property makes you start feeling uncomfortable, and I actually understand it very well as there were so many unpleasant stories in Alanya. Yes, obviously it is true that you should be very careful trusting anybody, but there are also other very important factors of POA which I would like to explain as simply as possible.

Assuming that you found an honest real estate agency, why granting POA can be beneficial? In general and most importantly you save time and money, especially because:

·         Coming to Turkey for conducting the sale is not necessary;

·         You do not need to queue in apropriate institutions for hours;

·         Application meeting in Land Registery Office can be booked by your proxy online, which causes that all sale procedure can be conducted smoothly and quickly;

·         You do not need to cover costs of hiring a sworn translator during Tapu delivery;

·         You save yourself stress with counting time and worrying if the transaction gets completed before your return flight day. Remember please that the simplest technical problems as lack of electricity or system failure in TAPU office can delay completing the transcation for even few days which can result in necessity of cancelling the flight and booking a new one.

The POA can be prepared in the Turkish Embassy in your country of residence and sent to real estate agency which is selling your apartment.

Selling an apartment in every country, in Turkey as well, whether alone or with the help of a real estate agent requires the right preparation of the property for this process. Definitely, the most important factor affecting the selling time is the price. Do you want to sell the apartment quickly? Reduce the price a bit below the market price. Of course, you may say: „I expect to earn this or that amount of money”, but remember – it’s not so easy to sell the apartment at the price we wish to, especially when the time is crucial. You need to be ready for price negotiations which normally take place when the apartment is being sold.

Remember – in general we aren’t so keen on buying second hand items, so if you are selling a used home, make sure it doesn’t show wear and tear. If the walls are dirty and shabby – paint them. If it is possible, light up the apartment well and avoid showing it after it gets dark without the right illumination. If you are selling the apartment while you still live there, make appointments to show the apartment when the family is outside, and get some time to tidy the mess up and hide your more or less personal items.

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