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Living in Alanya – what a wonderful world or don’t stop the party?

In Alanya holiday season is starting. Almost all of the shops are open and offer brand new, “original” clothes, bags and shoes directly from designers 🙂 Also you can see that on the streets – 24 hours per day buses from various touristic companies are bringing people from cold Europe which missed sun, beach and sea. What about people who decides to buy an apartment in Alanya? They were not interesting to stay at loud hotel where you need to fight for sun bed or chair close to the bar. But buying or renting apartment in Alanya doesn’t mean boring holidays, spending between 4 walls. Alanya is a multicultural city, which know from a long time how important for development is being positive and open-minded for living here and coming just for holidays foreigners. The best examples are annual events – in winter we have Christmas Market and summer is opened by colorful festival.

Just last weekend, 31’st of May started 14th International Tourism and Art Festival in Alanya which took 3 days and finished on Monday. Name shows how long tradition has that event – since 14 years each year in a same place, in Alanya harbour, are spaced tents in which various communities and local companies has stands and offer own products. There are also concerts of Turkish music stars which gain crowds of fans (Turks definitely prefer local singers, this year you could see for example Gülşen or Rafet El Roman.

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Each year different country is a partner of the festival. This year, because of celebration 600 years of Polish – Turkish Diplomatic Relations, partner country was Poland. On this occasion in whole of the Turkey various events show Polish culture and also Turkish artist are presenting on Polish stages. The most recent example is mystic Dervish dance show which you could see 28’th of May in Warsaw (pics: http://www.turcja.org.pl/page/52/67).

Our local Touristic Fesival took 3 days – from Saturday till Monday but of course most visitors come on Sunday. Every year there is also official opening of the event – everyone who wants can join colorful parade consisting of members of foreign communities wearing national costumes, various dance groups and music bands or another disguised artist.

In harbour you can find exhibition of Alanya photographs presenting Alanya region in last few decades. Amazing experience! Relatively recently, just few decades ago in place of big, holiday resort there was just small turkish village with dozens of houses. And today we can see everywhere new investments, new, luxury residential complexes in Alanya, Mahmutlar or Konaklı popping up like mushrooms after a rain shower!

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