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Property Buying and Selling -Tax in Turkey

All  taxes are to be paid locally according to the local law. Transfer tax rate for the estate transactions (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is 4% . That is calculated on the base of your declared price.

What price shall you declare then? The cadastro office will ask you for the official govermental value document, which manucipality gives,  and which usually is ca. 40-60% lower than the actual market value, plus  the experts report (official valuation) which will cost you around 4000 TRY.

The expert report is for showing the market value, what again in practice as I see since 4th of March 2019 is not (…)  the exact market value. Anyhow the same rule works – you can not declare less then the govermental documents says. But also you are not forced to declare what the experts report says, as the owner of the property you are the only one who can decide for how much you are selling.

Nobody can forbid you to sell cheaper than expertise says, if this is what you want/need to do… The Buyer shall pay taxes half-half with the Seller, but in practice the Buyer covers this cost.

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Anna Gök

Real estate broker since 2005. First steps in this branch done at Exclusive Estate in Cracov, which built my base at that work. Than at 2008 started to explore Alanya market, and in the result together with Şükrü Gök we decided not only to join lives but also our real estate experience so we created Sunlight Estate. Since that time, by learning every day, we do our best to develop our borkerage service in Alanya.

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