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Rent a Car

Renting a car in Alanya is a very convenient option both for everyday use and for short-term trips. It isn’t absolutely essential because the public transport is really good in Alanya. There are city buses and so called dolmus buses that go outside Alanya to nearby towns and villages. Nevertheless, the people who highly value comfort will appreciate the fact that renting the car will enable them to avoid waiting for public buses in the scorching heat.
Our customers who have already settled in Alanya and come here from time to time for one or two-week-stays often reserve cars for their stay and have them provided directly at the airport where they leave them on the last day of their stay.
For those who don’t want to drive the car by themselves, especially during the first few visits to Alanya, we recommend renting a car with a driver or a private transfer.
All the cars you can reserve from us are air-conditioned, insured, their technical condition is perfect and they aren’t older than one year.

Models of the rented cars (1-5 persons) & price list:
Hyundai Era   1-7    days:    40 € / day
Renault Symbolover 8 days:    37 € / day
Toyota Yarisover 14 days:    33 € / day
Suzuki Samuraiover 3 weeks:    30 € / day
Fiat Albea Sole, Linea,Fiorinoover 4 weeks:    25 € / day

If you travel in a bigger family group or with your friends we recommend renting minibuses (Mercedes Vito, Hyundai Starex)

Minibuses price list (maximum 14 persons):

  • 1- 7 days:    60 € / day
  • over 8 days:    57 € / day
  • over 14 days:    52 € / day
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