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Selling property with Sunlight Estate

What to expect if selling your property with our company?

  • We will make an evaluation of your property;
  • We will prepare the property for the photographs (you can also use the service of Home Staging);
  • We will ask you to provide us with  all the documentation necessary for accepting the property to our offer;if you are missing any of them than on the base of what you have we will organize rest 🙂 (i.e” iskan”whch is the technical report prooving that the property  has been accepted by the authorities, floor plans-often we are drawing ourselves, etc.) 
  • We will publish an advertisement presenting your property on our website and other real estate portals, which we co-operate with;
  • We will present the apartment to interested potential buyers, and if the one decides about the purchase, you will in this moment become an active participant of the procedure;
  • We will inform you about purchase offer made by the customer and, provided you accept it, we will prepare the sale contract, which we will send you so that you can approve it;
  •  With the contractors we establish the date of property ownership transfer – in this moment you are supposed to take decision whether you come to Alanya in the designated time or you decide to grant our agency with the Power of Attorney, which will save you all the trouble with buying airplane tickets, getting holiday from work, getting stressed about going through all the sale procedure yourself.
  • Generally, taking into account the formal aspect of the property sale, it should take no longer than 3 days nowadays, however in practice events like not working system in the registration office or bank can easily and fast make you feel anxious when it comes about your return journey, whether you manage on time or not;
  •  If you decide to be presented by us during all the sale transaction, the approved version of the sale contract shall be signed by the buyer, the deposit shall be collected by us in cash and deposited until the remaining sum will be paid, according to the conditions of the contract, and you will be sent the scan of abovementioned contract to your e-mail – you will be obliged to print it, sign and send the scan of signed contract back to us;
  •  Now it’s time to apply for the property registration onto the new owner to the Land Register Office (we will collect all the necessary documentation for this purpose both from seller’s and buyer’s side). If you made us your proxy, then here your active participation comes to an end – the only thing to do is now wait for the money transfer from Turkey for the sold property, which can take 3-4 days if made to European Union country.
  • If, however, you decided to take part in all the procedure personally, reserve yourself at least 4 working days of your time, book the flight tickets and send us its confirmation and prepare yourself for the adventure 
  •  First we settle the seller with the media providers, residential community, city hall;
  •  We determine which things from the apartment shall be packed (souvenirs, personal belongings, etc.), we go to the property and pack the indicated subjects so that on the day of the keys transfer to the new owner in the apartment there are no longer private things belonging to the seller (unless the contract says different);
  •  On the designated day you will have an early wake up because at 9 o’clock we meet in the Land Register Office, and here submit adequate documents (it will take around one hour)
  •  Now we will wait for the information from this office whether the application is complete, together with the amount of the tax on civil law transactions and designated time for another meeting in the office, after having paid the stamp duty. In practice it happens that all these actions can be performed on 1 day, but more often it takes 2 days;
  •  Depending on the method of making payment of all purchase amount for the property, we meet in our office in order to deposit the cash by the buyer or in the bank in order to ‘block’ the set funds in favour of the seller, which will be unblocked after having presented the copy of the land register;
  •  After the purchase sum is either deposited by the agency or blocked by the bank, we now go to the Land Register Office in order to put a signature which finally transfers the property ownership;
  •  Now it comes to the money transfer to the seller in cash or with bank transfer onto the designated before bank account – the confirmation of the transfer is sent into e-mail;
  •  The parties of the contract, in the presence of the agency, go now to the property to transfer the apartment’s keys (unless the contract provides a different date for that);
  •  Congratulations! You have just sold your property via Sunlight Estate 🙂
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