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Selling an apartment in every country, in Turkey as well, whether alone or with the help of a real estate agent requires the right preparation of the property for this process. Definitely, the most important factor affecting the selling time is the price. Do you want to sell the apartment quickly? Reduce the price a bit below the market price. Of course, you may say: „I expect to earn this or that amount of money”, but remember – it’s not so easy to sell the apartment at the price we wish to, especially when the time is crucial. You need to be ready for price negotiations which normally take place when the apartment is being sold.

Remember – in general we aren’t so keen on buying second hand items, so if you are selling a used home, make sure it doesn’t show wear and tear. If the walls are dirty and shabby – paint them. If it is possible, light up the apartment well and avoid showing it after it gets dark without the right illumination. If you are selling the apartment while you still live there, make appointments to show the apartment when the family is outside, and get some time to tidy the mess up and hide your more or less personal items.


However, if you lack knowledge how to prepare the property for sale and have no experience in this matter, I suggest you to employ a real estate agent and make use of their experience. The agent can professionally prepare your home, advertise it and eventually sell the apartment. Your subjective opinion about the furniture and appliances and the apartment’s standard may be far from reality. The real estate agent will objectively assess the worth of the equipment and whether it is going to affect the increase in apartment’s value or not. Of course this service is paid but remember – time is money so employing a good real estate agent you gain time which means saving the money.

However, if you want to try by yourself anyway, remember about some important points:
Worth of the property – the first step to make your property ready for selling is to estimate its worth. Generally, the valuation of the property should be made through the expert’s judgment. According to the chosen property value estimation method, they will estimate how much the apartment is worth. You can assess the value on your own through analyzing similar property offers. Nevertheless you have to take into consideration the fact that these prices aren’t actual transaction prices. Sensibility when choosing the price for your offer is essential, because if it is inflated, the advertisement will be present in many advertising services for a long time and nobody will become interested in it. The most expensive offers are available on advertising websites for months. A price set too high, scares potential customers off and prolongs the time of selling the apartment. The phrase “the price is negotiable” used in your advertisement, will help you find customers interested in your offer faster.
Appearance of the apartment – getting the apartment ready for sale also includes improvements in its general appearance. Aesthetic qualities are very important for the purchasers. You have to highlight the virtues and present them in the favourable light. The impression your apartment makes on the buyer is one of the factors that increase the worth of the property and can affect the time in which you will sell it. This it the main reason why you should mend everything that needs to be fixed, remove all the unnecessary items, hide the private things, thoroughly clean the apartment and make sure it smells nice inside.
Advertising – promoting the offer is important if you want to sell it quickly. You need to apply all the possible methods of advertising - local press, the Internet or on notice boards.
Formalities - before starting the selling process you need to settle the apartment’s legal status, collecting all the essential documents including the current bills.