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Guide For Buyers

Will I get Turkish citizenship if buy property in Turkey?

Not so far ago on 12th January 2017 new regulations on receiving Turkish citizenship have come into power. According to them each foreigner who buys property worth minimum 1 million dollars and  not sell it for the following three years, could be given Turkish citizenship. So it was so obvious that most of buyers will […]

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How to search apartment for sale in Alanya via our page?

When looking for an apartment to buy in Alanya you are searching in lots of different websites, looking at hundreds of adverts, no wonder that after some time you don’t know which offers have actually really catch your attention. Our website is being built and updated primarily for you so that you can quickly reach […]

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Just 7 steps to purchase your holiday home in Alanya

Let’s look at procedures which You have to go through when you want to buy an apartment in Alanya. You are choosing properties from our web site, which you want to see and giving suitable term for visit in Alanya. You are booking few days /minimum 3-4/ for staying in Alanya during which you will […]

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What kind of documents do I need for buying a property in Alanya?

If you go to Alanya with an idea of buying a property remember to have with you: passport/ID  electricity/water/gas or internet bill stated on your name; so the turkish bank can see your legal address*in case if you decide to open bank account here which is highly recomended not only for the transaction process but […]

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What the real estate agency is paid for?

Our company cooperates with developers which makes our service available for you without any extra costs. In case of new properties our wages are paid by the developers. As far as re-sale properties are concerned, we charge a fee of 2% of the property’s selling price +18% VAT from seller and buyer. This amount of […]

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Property Buying and Selling Tax in Turkey

All taxes are to be paid locally according to the local law. Transfer tax rate for the estate transactions (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is 4% (with “seasonal discionts” as currently 3% ) . That is calculated on the base of your declared price. What price shall you declare than? According the law the real sale […]

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Will I need to apply for any permission to buy apartment in Turkey?

Before “yes” but nowadays not any more.  What has changed?  If in building where you are interested in buying an apartment any other foreigner already has  bought, than it`s enough to deliver copy of such sample  tapu with you. Your application will not go anymore to Izmir or Ankara 🙂 Means it’s now taking just […]

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Investment Trip

Why is setting some time aside for the investment trip worth considering right now? Because we will organize that trip, so you do not have to think even where you will stay or how you will get from hotel to Alanya and whatmore we also refund the cost of the flight and accommodation* An investment […]

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Investment of Capital and Emotions

Apartments by the Mediterranean Sea are a luxury which is available to more and more people. Until recently it was just affordable for the Scandinavian, German, Dutch or Irish, whose numbers reach more than 25,000. Currently the market is wide open for Central and Eastern Europe as well. The Situation is slowly beginning to change […]

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