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Bank Deposit in Turkey

Did you know that by depositing the equivalent of 50,000 euros in a Turkish bank in lira, the net annual interest rate of the deposit is 46.99%? Depositing the same amount in foreign currency, namely the aforementioned euro, the annual interest rate is 1%. However, there is an option to choose a so-called “YUVAM HESABI” […]

How Turkish count the sqm of an apartment in Turkey?

One of the common issues regarding property purchases in Turkey is the matter of apartment size. We Europeans are accustomed to the concepts of usable area and total area of a property, whereas in Turkey this topic is slightly different. In practice, when you come across offers on the secondary market, the area usually given […]

Why would you want to buy a property in Turkey?

You may find this question almost rhetorical and a bit bizarre…but believe it or not, there may be at least a dozen reasons, and each and every one of us would have their own. Some would rather buy a property, because they sare sımply spendıng too much money staying in hotels while visiting Alanya more […]

Why choose Sunlight Estate when searching for a property in Alanya?

Once you get the idea and decide to buy a property  by the Mediterranean Sea the story begins… Going through innumerable amounts of adverts? Confused after seeing same property in 10 different advertisments in 10 different price and 5 different location but for sure same photos ? Being shown same property by several agents but […]

Just 7 steps to purchase your holiday home in Alanya

Let’s look at procedures which You have to go through, when you want to buy an apartment in Alanya. First of all, you are choosing properties from our website, which you want to see, and planning a suitable date for a visit in Alanya. You are booking few days /minimum 3-4/ stay in Alanya during […]

Investment Trip

Why is setting some time aside for the investment trip worth considering right now? Because we will organize that trip, so you do not have to think even where you will stay or how you will to Alanya and what more we also refund the cost of this trip* An investment trip is a few-day-stay […]

Investment of Capital and Emotions

Apartments by the Mediterranean Sea are a luxury which is available to more and more people. Until recently it was just affordable for the Scandinavian, German, Dutch or Irish, whose numbers reach more than 75,000. Currently the market is wide open for Central and Eastern Europe as well. The Situation is slowly beginning to change […]