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Why would you want to buy a property in Turkey?

You may find this question almost rhetorical and a bit bizarre…but believe it or not, there may be at least a dozen reasons and each and every one of us would have their own. Some would rather buy a property, because they simply have spent too much money staying in hotels while visiting Alanya more […]

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Why choose Sunlight Estate when searching for a property in Alanya?

Once you got this idea and decided to buy a property  by the Mediterranean Sea the story starts… Going through innumerable amounts of adverts? Confused after seeing same property in 10 different advertisments in 10 different price and 5 different location but for sure same photos ? Being shown same property by several agents but […]

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Am I entitled to Turkish citizenship when buying a property in Turkey?

Not so far ago on 12th January 2017 new regulations on receiving Turkish citizenship have come into power. According to them each foreigner who buys property worth minimum 1 million dollars and  not sell it for the following three years, could be given Turkish citizenship. So it was so obvious that most of buyers will […]

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Just 7 steps to purchase your holiday home in Alanya

Let’s look at procedures which You have to go through when you want to buy an apartment in Alanya. First thing, you are choosing properties from our web site, which you want to view and giving suitable term for visit in Alanya. You are booking few days /minimum 3-4/ for staying in Alanya during which […]

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What kind of documents do I need for buying a property in Alanya?

If you go to Alanya with an idea of buying a property remember to have with you: passport/ID  electricity/water/gas or internet bill stated on your name; so the Turkish bank can see your legal address*in case if you decide to open bank account here which is highly recommended not only for the transaction process but […]

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What the real estate agency is paid for?

Our company cooperates with developers which makes our service available for you without any extra costs. In case of new properties our wages are paid by the developers. As far as re-sale properties are concerned, we charge a fee of 2% of the property’s selling price +18% VAT from seller and buyer. This amount of […]

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Property Buying and Selling -Tax in Turkey

All  taxes are to be paid locally according to the local law. Transfer tax rate for the estate transactions (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is 4% . That is calculated on the base of your declared price. What price shall you declare than? According the law the real sale price what of course in practice hardly […]

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Will I need to apply for any permission to buy apartment in Turkey?

Before “yes” but nowadays not any more.  What has changed?  If the building which you are interested in buying an apartment has been purchased by another foreigner, then it is enough. Your application will not go anymore to Izmir or Ankara 🙂 Means it’s now taking just max 2- 3 days in spite of 2-3 […]

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