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Guide For Sellers

Selling property with Sunlight Estate

What to expect if selling your property with our company? We will make an evaluation of your property; We will prepare the property for the photographs (you can also use the service of Home Staging); We will ask you to provide us with  all the documentation necessary for accepting the property to our offer;if you […]

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Advantages of granting the POA

Very often the subject of granting a Power of Attorney (shortly called POA) for selling your property makes you start feeling uncomfortable, and I actually understand it very well as there were so many unpleasant stories in Alanya. Yes, obviously it is true that you should be very careful trusting anybody, but there are also […]

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What do you need the agency for?

Selling an apartment in every country, in Turkey as well, whether alone or with the help of a real estate agent requires the right preparation of the property for this process. Definitely, the most important factor affecting the selling time is the price. Do you want to sell the apartment quickly? Reduce the price a bit below […]

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