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Alanya, Antalya, Turkey



Rental Rules

After reservation, you will be asked to pay a booking fee in the amount of 100-200 € * depends on the length of staying. It shall be paid the latest within three (3) days after making the reservation. In the money transfer title please state the code of the reservation which you will get from […]

What Extra Fees Will I Have to Pay?

You shouldn’t lose sight of what the rental will cost you in total—including any “hidden” costs, not included in the basic rent fee. SHORT TERM RENTALS (till 4 weeks); here charges look simple: rental fee used electricity &water& gas  (according to the meters) security deposit which is refundable on check-out* SHORT TERM RENTALS (over 5 weeks) […]

Starter package 25€

STARTER PACKAGE product     amount tomatoes 1 kg cucumbers 0,5 kg lemon 0,5 kg apples 1 kg mix seasonal fruits 1 kg lettuce 1 szt white cheese 0,25 kg yellow cheese 0,25 kg milk 1 liter eggs 15 oil 1 liter instant coffee 50 g lipton tea 25 sugar cube 0,5 kg bread 1 water 2*1,5 […]

Rental deposit in Alanya

RENTAL DEPOSİT called as well SECURITY DEPOSIT is not applied towards the rent and it is fully refundable, if the following provisions are met: No damage is done to property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear, All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in dumpster, All tenants have complied to all the rules (no […]

How to book a rental apartment?

check the availability calendar in booking section of the property  fill the form, which you will find below the calendar read the rental rules carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings 🙂 submit your request we will contact you, as soon as possible, to confirm availability and price for the requested period pay the booking […]

Booking Fee

BOOKING FEE must be received within three (3) days after completing the reservation. In the money transfer title please state the code of the reservation which you will get from our agent i.e RALXXXTENANT’S NAME SURNAME, to the following bank account: Bank: Mbank Country: Poland Owner: ANNA GOK Address: Siedliska 23, 37-705 Przemysl, Poland IBAN :PL02 […]

Rental With Baby Package

If you are planning a family holiday in Turkey with small children, you have the opportunity of using our offer of baby package 🙂 For an additional fee of 10€ per a week, you can rent a packet consisting of: a baby cot with linens feeding chair potty seat a bathtub 

Advantages of Renting an Apartment?

Are you considering a longer holiday in Turkey? If yes, our various offer of apartments for rent in Alanya will enable you to choose something you’re looking for. You have a wide choice of fully furnished apartments situated both, in the center of Alanya, and in the suburbs. If busy hotels and time frame meals are […]