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real estate service in alanyaSunlight Estate is a licensed real estate agency working in the region of Alanya. We specialize in selling flats, apartments and houses as well as finding commercial properties by special request. We have been handling real estate properties for years, therefore we understand our customers' needs and as a part of our service grant advice based on our vast experience and offer assistance. Everyone who wants to buy or sell a property in Alanya can make use of our knowledge.

In practice an average customer buying an apartment in Alanya doesn’t have time or has little to check the market carefully. How to make a decision then? How to be sure that you are buying the best offer at the best price?
Alone, without the proper knowledge of the market in Alanya and its specifications, you have low chances to carry out a detailed analysis and consequently make the right choice.

Cooperation with Sunlight Estate guarantees you professional approach of experienced and responsible people. We find just the properties in Alanya that won’t give you or us a headache. Because the scope of our responsibilities is much broader than selling you an address, which is an approach you may know from Europe, we are aware that any problem of the customer is our problem, so frankly speaking, when acting with care we avoid troubles.
When you entrust us with the assistance and supervision during the transaction you can have an easy mind.

We believe that real estate agency is more than just selling addresses and Sunlight Estate is much more than a standard agency.

They say we are good at our job. Check it yourself.