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If you’re considering the possibility of buying an apartment in Alanya, and you don’t know what to start with, you really need to look through our Buyer’s Guide. There, you will find a bunch of useful information, about what to focus on and what to avoid when purchasing a property on the Turkish Riviera.

If you are planning to have your holiday on your own account and you’d like to spend it in one of the private apartments, don’t miss the Tenant’s Guide. What are the rental conditions in Alanya? How much rental deposit would you have to pay? Will it be easy to find an apartment if you bring your dog or cat with you and how much may you expect your electricity bill to be after a one-week-stay? You will find the answers to these and other essential questions in our Tenant’s Guide.

For the lucky owners of properties in Alanya, we recommend the Owner’s Guide. When you finally got your apartment’s keys, what should you do now? Where to buy the furniture that will suit your apartment? Where to ensure your property? What to demand of the housing cooperative? How to solve the problem of providing care for your apartment during your absence? We assembled all the answers to the most bothering questions in our exclusive Owner’s Guide.

The Seller’s Guide will introduce you to the most essential issues in the scope of selling properties in Alanya. How to prepare the property for sale? How much does a real estate broker charge for their service? What kind of contract to choose? What may speed up selling the apartment?

If investment is in your field of interest and you’re considering, for example buying an apartment to let it out, you have to read our Investor’s Guide. You will learn, among other things, about the actual profit from renting a property, current trends on the market, and kinds of properties that are easy to sell at a profit.

For people and companies interested in cooperation in selling properties in the region of Alanya, we give some hints in Partner’s Guide. Taking the fact that the purchaser is a foreigner into consideration, you may be our subagent in your country and with little effort and time involvement earn some extra money.

The first step to taking action is making a decision. Sunlight Estate, share the experience to enable you to take confident action and focus on the right direction.