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Ikamet – sitting permit formalities back in Alanya

Good news for all people who want to apply for sitting permission in Alanya.

New rules of applying, conducted to Turkish law a few months ago, made it necessary to go to Antalya for interview (if for first ‘ikamet’) or for getting a stamp on special document letting you leave Turkey for short break while waiting for delivery of renewed ikamet. 
Now all information, application paperwork etc. is again available in Alanya.

Well known friendly faces that we may remember from the office at police station, which closed when new rules were introduced, we will see this time at Migration Office located at Nufus Idaresi, where the new application office has been opened.

Dealing with ikamet formalities will again be easier, especially that a lot of applicants can fulfill all the procedure online and by post, without necessity of appearing in the office, that way probably all procedures will be quicker.

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