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Property Buying and Selling -Tax in Turkey

All  taxes are to be paid locally according to the local law. Transfer tax rate for the estate transactions (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is 4% . That is calculated on the base of your declared price. What price shall you declare then? The cadastro office will ask you for the official govermental value document, which […]

Will I need to apply for any permission to buy apartment in Turkey?

Before “yes” but nowadays not any more.  What has changed?  If in the building, where you are interested in buying an apartment, some other foreigner is already owning a flat – then it is enough 🙂 . Your application will not go anymore to Izmir or Ankara 🙂 It means, it’s taking now just max […]

Annual Property Taxes in Turkey

The property tax on duplexes and villas, which are defined as luxurious goods are calculated differently and in effect, we can expect that the tax rate will be double compared to one-level-flats of the same metric area. The yearly tax is paid in two installments i.e. the first installment is paid between March and May, […]

Annual costs of maintaining an apartment in Alanya

The costs of maintaining an apartment in Alanya depends on: Location of the property: in a detached building with no facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym, sauna, security, you will find low costs of maintenance of common areas, e.g. from about € 5 to € 10 per month. Houses and apartments located in […]