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What currency to use in Turkey?

One of the most common questions asked by people visiting Turkey for the first time, is: “What kind of currency should I use in Turkey?” The answer seems obvious: the official currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira, and prices stated in that currency are usually lowest. Euro or U.S. dollars are accepted but it is better to exchange them in banks (where sometimes you need to show your passport) or in change offices (usually there is no commission, especially in Alanya, but you may want to make sure before changing money). In Alanya change offices are very common, especially in the city center you will see them on each corner and using them is more comfortable and quicker than waiting in a queue in a bank.

The exchange rate is more or less the same, there are no big differences. 
In our opinion, too much thinking about the exchange rate or paying in dollars or in euros, take away much of the joy that making purchases and haggling on the bazaars can be. Remember that regardless of the currency, it makes more sense to put more energy into comparing offers from different sellers and then effectively negotiating the final price, than worrying if that was a mistake, taking into Turkey pounds and not euros.
While shopping in Turkey a popular alternative is to use a debit or credit card. Turks love credit cards and use them passionately. Before leaving for vacations it may be a good idea to visit your bank in order to make sure what are the costs of using it abroad. You should also have the SOS phone number of the bank, so that you can block it in case of losing it or being stolen.
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