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Alanya, Antalya, Turkey



Alanya, Kızlar Pınarı

Excellent modern apartment for sale in Alanya. Meeting international standards. Developed infrastructure of the complex. Great location, just 600 meters from the famous Cleopatra beach on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, in the center of the city. Project was completed in September 2020. Photos of the property contained in the advert show examples of […]

Alanya, Kızlarpınarı

This constructor company has built more than 800.000 m2 construction and decoration surface in various projects like housing complexes and hotel resorts in Alanya area. So we can tell that it is indeed experienced company. Their main focus has always been quality, what we can see in all their apartments for sale in Alanya region. […]

Alanya, Kızlar Pınarı

This housing estate is located  at the west side of Alanya city. It consists of seven blocks and many amenities for inhabitants inside the complex. Well kept, offers you a calm and green neighborhood with a stunning Mediterranean Sea and Alanya Castle view. Last apartments are available in this site! Photos of the property contained […]