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Can I use my mobile with turkish SIM card?

This question is very usual and answers are two 🙂 Yes, you can use your phone from abroad with a turkish sim card BUT WITHIN 120 DAYS AFTER YOU HAVING PASSED THE BORDER. Then it will be blocked ;( Sad but true, so what choice do you have now? If you are just for a […]

Booking Fee

BOOKING FEE must be received within three (3) days after completing the reservation. In the money transfer title please state the code of the reservation which you will get from our agent i.e RALXXXTENANT’S NAME SURNAME, to the following bank account: Bank: Mbank Country: Poland Owner: ANNA GOK Address: Siedliska 23, 37-705 Przemysl, Poland IBAN :PL02 […]

Rental With Baby Package

If you are planning a family holiday in Turkey with small children, you have the opportunity of using our offer of baby package 🙂 For an additional fee of 10€ per a week, you can rent a packet consisting of: a baby cot with linens feeding chair potty seat a bathtub 

Advantages of Renting an Apartment?

Are you considering a longer holiday in Turkey? If yes, our various offer of apartments for rent in Alanya will enable you to choose something you’re looking for. You have a wide choice of fully furnished apartments situated both, in the center of Alanya, and in the suburbs. If busy hotels and time frame meals are […]

A south or north-facing apartment?

 The position of real estates in relation to the points of compass is of crucial importance to the buyers. As much as 91% of real estate agents polled, admit that customers pay attention to the direction the windows face. It is maybe not as essential a factor as location or the price of the apartment, […]