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What Extra Fees Will I Have to Pay?

You shouldn’t lose sight of what the rental will cost you in total—including any “hidden” costs, not included in the basic rent fee. 
SHORT TERM RENTALS (till 4 weeks); here charges look simple:

SHORT TERM RENTALS (over 5 weeks) & LONG TERM RENTALS (over 6 months); here a bit more complicated as it depends on the property;

  • besides  rental fee, you will be asked to pay for used electricity & water in accordance with incoming bills
  • gas ( in Alanya mostly the gas cylinders are in use) and cost around 120 tl for 19 kg
  • administrative fees (which depend on the building standard – 5-70 € per month)
  •  internet
  • security deposit -mostly one or two months rental fee equivalent
  • you can be asked for signing the bill of exchange for such amount of money as you are going to pay for all rental period
    You may find a rental that will include all of your utilities, and of course, automatically it will be higher amount but there are plenty out there, that expect you to pay for some, or all of the costs for water, sewer, trash, electricity, internet service and TV cable (e.g. Digiturk is very good to have if your aim is to learn Turkish faster 🙂
    To be fair, these aren’t really hidden fees – just you need to understand what you’re responsible for, and how the bill is going to be charged. While renting short term the Agency commission is included in the rental fee, if the long term is considered then you pay 1 month rental extra as Agency reward for finding you the apartment and assisting in the rental process. 

*read the rules regarding  the security deposit

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