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Airport Transfers

 Are you wondering how to get from the airport in Antalya or Gazipasa to your apartment in Alanya? If you haven’t made any preparations for the journey, you can always choose one of the taxis waiting outside the terminal. There is no direct connection by coach and there is no bus. The most convenient solution is to order […]

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Sale Service

Our company cooperates with developers which makes our service available without any extra costs. In case of new properties our wages are paid by the developers. As far as second-hand properties are concerned, we charge a fee of 3% of the property’s selling price +18% VAT. This amount of money is our salary for the services we provide […]

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Rental Service

Private, luxurious apartment close to the beach or an overcrowded in the season all inclusive hotel – what to choose? There are loads of holiday offers to visit Turkey, the travel agencies try to outdo one another in special offers and discounts – and that’s fine. The one that likes packed holiday, who doesn’t mind […]

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Rent a Car

Renting a car in Alanya is a very convenient option both for everyday use and for short-term trips. It isn’t absolutely essential because the public transport is really good in Alanya. There are city buses and so called dolmus buses that go outside Alanya to nearby towns and villages. Nevertheless, the people who highly value […]

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Property valuation

Are you considering selling an apartment in Alanya, and aren’t sure what price you should ask for in your offer? Find out the current value of your home and discover how to get the most value from it – with a free, no-obligation appraisal from expert agents. Sunlight Estate, basing on experience and knowing realities […]

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Property Insurance

If you have already bought an apartment in Alanya or you are thinking of purchasing one you should consider insuring your property. The reasons why to insure are obvious, but it is worth mentioning how an insurance works in Turkey and what are the benefits. The required insurance is so called dask – which is against the […]

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If you don’t live in Alanya permanently and you can’t cope with everything connected with managing your apartment on your own, you can make use of Sunlight Estate’s help. Within the agreement to manage your property, which is formulated individually, we put effort into taking action for you and act on your behalf. We represent you at annual […]

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Home Staging

Is your property still unsold or unrented out? Some of us can complain about slow market. Ok - it can be the reason, but as a real estators....so many times we can see that even if the location and price are good, potential buyers, after viewing the property are not interested in buying it anymore....why? [...]

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