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Private, luxurious apartment close to the beach or an overcrowded in the season all inclusive hotel – what to choose? There are loads of holiday offers to visit Turkey, the travel agencies try to outdo one another in special offers and discounts – and that’s fine. The one that likes packed holiday, who doesn’t mind being dependant on the whole group, who likes standing in queues for dinner and observing in the meantime how others fight for the best piece of meat, who prefers to spend time by the hotel pool and resigns from sightseeing the vicinity, has a wide choice.

 However, it is good that there’s an alternative in the form of flats and apartments for rent in Alanya. The one who values privacy, peace and independence, will find all these seizing an opportunity to rent an apartment or a villa in Alanya. Nobody will observe us there, tell what time to eat the meals, interfere in how many people visit us or decide whether someone can stay overnight or not. The truth is, that we can feel as if we were at our own home.

The apartments are furnished at a high standard; they are equipped with everything that should be in every house. In addition, there is a swimming pool and many other facilities, so you spend your holiday the way you want.

Of course, there is one disadvantage, if you can call a fact that you need to provide yourself the meals a disadvantage. But is that a real problem, in the country where market stalls groan with fresh fruit and vegetables and the town is full of local restaurants and cafes serving delicious, healthy and inexpensive Turkish cuisine? Living in Alanya and having a permanent contact with tourists I confirm, that the possibility to dine outdoors is further more enjoyable than a week or two of the hotel all-inclusive board.

Another advantage of having holiday on your own is managing your time without limitations connected with for example meal times scheduled by the hotel. You can go sightseeing around the vicinity of Alanya and I ensure you, there is a lot to explore.

Renting a car enables you to reach the beautiful castle in Anamur stopping on the way at charming restaurants situated at the foot of The Taurus Mountains. You can go to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Mirra and other places without stress that the high-priced hotel day is lost and you have to eat dry provisions prepared by the hotel.

Undoubtedly the holiday spent in Alanya, in a nice atmosphere, according to your own plan, is a guarantee to feel a burst of energy… which enables you to survive until the next visit in Alanya. Feel invited!

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About The Author
Anna Gök

Real estate broker since 2005. First steps in this branch done at Exclusive Estate in Cracov, which built my base at that work. Than at 2008 started to explore Alanya market, and in the result together with Şükrü Gök we decided not only to join lives but also our real estate experience so we created Sunlight Estate. Since that time, by learning every day, we do our best to develop our borkerage service in Alanya.

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