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Property Insurance

If you have already bought an apartment in Alanya or you are thinking of purchasing one you should consider insuring your property.

The reasons why to insure are obvious, but it is worth mentioning how an insurance works in Turkey and what are the benefits.

The required insurance is so called dask – which is against the effects of natural disasters. The cost of it several dozens of liras a year.

The standard insurance, covers among others, fire, flooding and burglary. The cost depends on the apartment’s age, area and declared value of the equipment. For example, a three-room-flat in a few-year-old apartment equipped with furniture and appliances worth 20,000TL will cost about 250TL per year. The compensation in this case may reach the amount of maximum 100,000TL.

Sunlight Estate while completing the required documents may also act as an agent in insuring your property. Remember – with us you save your time and money!

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