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Obtaining short term residence permit (Ikamet) and turkish bank account – pros and cons.

First of all, the residence permit gives us the right to freely cross the Turkish border, even if it is closed to citizens of other countries (e.g. as a result of pandemic restrictions) and to stay in Turkey longer than duration of visa  (3 months).

However, with the benefits come obligations as well  – having a residence permit means that we must comply with all government regulations in the same way as Turkish citizens. For example – in the event of a lockdown announcement (which does not apply to tourists), we are obliged to stay at home just like the citizens of Turkey.

If we want to do some shopping in Turkish online stores, in most cases the system will not allow us to pay with a foreign card online, in addition, if we buy products exceeding a certain amount (in some stores it is 500 tl and in others 1000 tl), the system will require us to provide the residence permit number.

Many online systems accept payments only with Turkish payment cards, e.g. food delivery apps or telecommunications companie’s apps. So, if we buy a Turkish prepaid sim card and would like to top up the funds via an application on the phone or via the operator’s website – the system will only accept payments with a Turkish payment card.

Additionally, the telephone number assigned to the sim card purchased by us will be valid for a maximum period of 6 months  (if we top up the card at least once during this period) after 6 months, the number of the residence permit must be provided so that the number remains active, if this requirement is not fulfilled, the number is deactivated, and on our next trip to Turkey we will have to buy a new sim card with a new number.

If we want to set up a fixed-line internet (Wi-Fi) in our apartment, here in Turkey, we have to sign a contract with an internet provider. The minimum period is 2 months (costs: 300tl, plus 90tl  installation fee, plus 300tl for the router – prices valid for December 2021). To sign such an agreement, we must be an owner of a residence permit.

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