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What are the costs of maintaining an apartment? Fixed fees, renovation funds, etc.

The basic fixed cost is AIDAT, which is a fee for maintaining the common facilities of the building. Here, depending on the standard of the building and the number of atractions in the recreational area, the amount will be in the range of EUR 5-70. Buildings without swimming pools and other atractions will be of course much cheaper, and those with a sauna, Turkish bath or other available “power-using atractions” , will be much more expensive. Most often, the higher amount includes a part for the renovation fund, however in the south of Turkey it is rarely included in this fee.

Another fixed cost is the annual real estate tax, which amounts to 0.3% * based on the declared in Title deed and annually adjusted value of the residential real estate which is payable at the city council office at the real estate department.

In total, these two fees makes the main cost, because rest as electricity and water you pay according to consumption – at the moment in the Antalya region 1 kWh costs 0.92 tl / 1 m3 of water 7 tl.

If you will additionally use a gas stove, you should add 225 tl for such a 19 liter gas cylinder, and of course for how long it will last depends on usage, it is an individual matter. With frequent cooking it is enough for about 2 months, but I know people who replace it every 6 months.

An additional cost is property insurance * against natural disasters / flooding / fire / theft / etc. The amount depends on the area and the value of the property as well as the declared value of the equipment and furniture. On average, we can insure a 2-room flat for a price from 300 up to 900 lira per year.

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Real estate broker since 2005. First steps in this branch done at Exclusive Estate in Cracov, which built my base at that work. Than at 2008 started to explore Alanya market, and in the result together with Şükrü Gök we decided not only to join lives but also our real estate experience so we created Sunlight Estate. Since that time, by learning every day, we do our best to develop our borkerage service in Alanya.

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