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Rental income tax & obligatory registration

In Turkey, since 31/10/2016 every tenant must be registered at the ID registration system. As we know it, the law may exist on paper but when it comes to real life, none of the private owners (or almost nobody) is paying any attenion to this topic so far… Until recently, when police began to walk […]

A few remarks on ikamet

The subject of sitting permit in Turkey is a very important issue for every foreigner who comes here and plans to stay here longer than allowed 90 days within the period of 180 days on the basis of standard touristic visa. As most of you who are interested in the subject know, the formalities connected […]

Am I Entitled To Turkish Citizenship When Buying A Property In Turkey?

When you finally decide to go for it, remember that the possibility of selling such property within 3 years will be blocked with the notation in the mortgage register. Everyone who is interested in Turkish Citizenship has its own motivation but according to me, the most important advantage of getting it, is free access to […]

Second Home Market in Surprisingly Good Health

Despite continued uncertainty in the social and geo-political arena and the fact that tourist visitors have largely stayed away from Turkey in 2016, this has had nowhere near the impact that was expected on foreign property investment – indeed, recently released figures make for relatively cheery reading. This year has been the worst on record […]

Advantages of granting the POA

Very often the subject of granting a Power of Attorney (shortly called POA) for selling your property makes you start feeling uncomfortable, and I actually understand it very well as there were so many unpleasant stories in Alanya. Yes, obviously you should indeed be very careful trusting anybody, but there are also other very important […]

Just 7 steps to purchase your holiday home in Alanya

Let’s look at procedures which You have to go through, when you want to buy an apartment in Alanya. First of all, you are choosing properties from our website, which you want to see, and planning a suitable date for a visit in Alanya. You are booking few days /minimum 3-4/ stay in Alanya during […]

What kind of documents do I need for buying a property in Alanya?

If you go to Alanya with an idea of buying a property remember to take with you: passport/ID  electricity/water/gas or internet bill stated on your name; so the Turkish bank can see your legal address*in case if you decide to open bank account here which is highly recommended not only for the transaction process but […]

What Extra Fees Will I Have to Pay?

You shouldn’t lose sight of what the rental will cost you in total—including any “hidden” costs, not included in the basic rent fee. SHORT TERM RENTALS (till 4 weeks); here charges look simple: rental fee used electricity &water& gas  (according to the meters) security deposit which is refundable on check-out* SHORT TERM RENTALS (over 5 weeks) […]