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Can I use my mobile with turkish SIM card?

This question is very usual and answers are two 🙂

Yes, you can use your phone from abroad with a turkish sim card BUT WITHIN 120 DAYS AFTER YOU HAVING PASSED THE BORDER. Then it will be blocked ;(

Sad but true, so what choice do you have now? If you are just for a few weeks or a bit longer there is no problem but if you want to use it after 120 days of staying here than there is no other way like…

If you want to play a bit with technology and show how smart you are 🙂 determine your device’s 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Some devices show this in device’s settings. You can also switch on your device and press *#06# on the keypad to find out its IMEI. Then take your device, its IMEI and go with your passport or your residence permit to a Turkish government tax office (Verdi Dairesi), tell there that you have a telephone from abroad and that you want to register it. You will have to pay around 130Tl (tax for registration) and you will receive a Vergi Dairesi Alındısı – a payment receipt.  Time for a visit in one of Turkish Network Operators, payment of next  50 Tl** for registration in their branch, then choosing a sim card and best fitting your needs tariff plan, and the registration of your device will be completed.

IMPORTANT registration shall be done in 120 days after your arrival to Turkey.
Prices for legal registration do not depend on phone models, same for IPAD’s.

*information obtained as a result of conversation in Vergi Dairesi in December 2016, so if any changes will be done (what happens quite often), the procedure needs to be checked once again registration procedure + registration fee

** depends on operator 

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