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Why choose Sunlight Estate when searching for a property in Alanya?

Once you get the idea and decide to buy a property  by the Mediterranean Sea the story begins…

Going through innumerable amounts of adverts?

Confused after seeing same property in 10 different advertisments in 10 different price and 5 different location but for sure same photos ?

Being shown same property by several agents but in totally different prices?

Loosing your time on viewing same apartments again and again?

Trying to find out whose version is real and whose not?

Viewing properties yourself ? Why not? Some customers come to Alanya on their own, by rented car, search for the apartment of their dreams. As a result, the kilometres that they make, lead them to wish for cars to  drive on oxygen, not petrol (remember in TR it is not cheap 🙂 also that gps could be working with more accuracy.  They slowly lose their faith in making their plan come true without losing their health in the process 🙂 How to avoid all that unnecessary drama, expenses and frustration?

Yes, the truth is, that the real estate market in Turkey- especially in our Alanya region, is not strongly based on ethical and business standards yet. It is  growing fast, but when it comes to procedures, rules and transparency- it is missing a lot. So customers need to be careful and remeber about basic rules like:

  • use services according to their aim ; if you are hungry, go to the restaurant, but if you want to buy apartment  use real estate advisor; buying apartment via a waitress, taxi drivers, tour guids etc. will give  a lot of stress to many of property buyers in Alanya.
  • have any kind of agreement confirmed on a paper;  even if Turkish law does not oblige the seller and the buyer to make the written agreement, take care about your rights, and do this
  • do not pay any money to anyone without written confirmation of receiving the money ; so many people paid thousands of euros and lost it, just because they were not able to proof anything…
  • be sure that you understand each other without problems; if not, use sworn translator
  • visit office and ask for legal documents (should be hanged in well visible place)
  • check if agency you are using is certified; unfortunately this cannot give you 100% peace of mind, but at least…; as the sworn translator unfortunately I have witnessed too many court cases against  “a certified agents”.It is a huge shame for our business  branch …
  • do not sign anything without reading and understanding

During over 12 years of our real estate experience we gathered a lot more advices and on this website, we share them with our customers.

Sunlight Estate is not the only real estate agency in Alanya. You can choose one or few from hundreds, so why you should pick Sunlight Estate then?

Most importantly, we are a team consisting  people who fulfill their duties scrupulously and with care, and their main rule in acting is honesty. A family company, with the strong belief that we should treat the customers in such a way, as we would like to be treated ourselves.  Continuous development of the company, every day struggle with different tasks, which require proper knowledge and experience, result in high quality services. Which we are proud of…and with no doubts, we can tell, that we do our best and get good results.

Why working with one real estate agnecy grants you much faster and better results? 

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About The Author
Anna Gök

Real estate broker since 2005. First steps in this branch done at Exclusive Estate in Cracov, which built my base at that work. Than at 2008 started to explore Alanya market, and in the result together with Şükrü Gök we decided not only to join lives but also our real estate experience so we created Sunlight Estate. Since that time, by learning every day, we do our best to develop our borkerage service in Alanya.

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