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Why buying property in Alanya with just one real estate agency grants you much faster and better results? 

There are three main sections of real estate business in Alanya ; selling brand new properties , re-sales and rentals. Each agent works by himself on offers of new properties  and  his portfolio depends on how actively he works. Regarding to re-sales and rentals situation looks a bit different. Most of experienced real estate agents works on MLS system, what does it mean for our customers? Sunlight Estate as one agency has an access to offers of all agencies and freelancers who cooperate among each other in Alanya region. Throughout the time, the group of selected agents has been created, and in such a way you are served best.

If you search for exact property, we do not base only on our data base, which is quite big itself, but we do search through over 250 agencies.

People believe that if they look for a property in Alanya with 3-4 different agents their chances to find cheaper and better apartment, or just more offers of it, is higher. It was correct before agents started to cooperate using digital tools. Nowadays we do share our offers and property  requests  via whats app groups on daily basis. We use several biggest property portals in Turkey as well.

So what difference does it make for you?

  • in spite of visiting several offices- you visit just one=saving time
  • in spite of explaining to different agents what you need- you do this once=saving time
  • in spite of controlling dozens of e-mails with incoming offers, and comparing them, or checking whether you have already seen it or not – you check post just from one email address, with selected properties which never repeats itself for sure=saving time

And on top of this,  you pay same amount of commission because when agents cooperates than each agent charge his customer . Means if agency represents seller it is paid by him and if we represent  buyer ,we are paid by him.


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About The Author
Anna Gök

Real estate broker since 2005. First steps in this branch done at Exclusive Estate in Cracov, which built my base at that work. Than at 2008 started to explore Alanya market, and in the result together with Şükrü Gök we decided not only to join lives but also our real estate experience so we created Sunlight Estate. Since that time, by learning every day, we do our best to develop our borkerage service in Alanya.

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