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Living in Alanya – cheap or expensive?

Buying your dream apartment in Alanya is a good reason to check how much is the cost of life here. Of course there are priceless things like beautiful views or sun shining yearly 300 days but normally sun energy is not enough 🙂 You have to eat something so let’s check now how are prices in one of the cheapest supermarkets here – A101.

a101 prices 1
a101 prices 2

As you can see on the pictures – no 1 in Turkish breakfast menu is white cheese. Typical breakfast has to contain at least 1 type of the white, salty cheese (FETA) but mostly there is a few more. In the shop or on the local market you can choose of a dozen types, of course checking taste before. Every region of Turkey has their own type of cheese and turks argue sometimes which one is the best 🙂 In the offer you can find also creamy cheese, calling labne, which is not salty (good if you like to cook cheesecake 🙂 Next very important part of Turkish cuisine is yoghurt which can be added to almost every meal. Unfortunately in all of dairy products is practically impossible to find good yellow cheese and fruit yoghurts are available in just 2-3 flavors. Prices on the pictures are from discount newsletter but normally there is no big difference at all.

And now let’s check the price of household chemicals and cosmetics. In that section Turkish prices are not so high comparing to Europe but the selection is much smaller. Fortunately every month you can find more and more foreign products-look for it in Metro, Migros or Carrefour).
The most expensive on Turkish market are electronic products. From time to time you can find discounts products, but Turkey is really taking care about local producers and imported products have very high taxes. From other side you can choose local electronics product which often offers quite good quality at an affordable price.
As you can see, living in Alanya is not expensive at all, what more even is cheaper than in European cities. Still you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables on local market in a very attractive prices, and for example cost of the water is very low – family with 4 members is paying monthly around 25tl which is approximately 7€. And of course clothes and fabulous cotton products are in good prices and high quality.

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