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How to prepare your property for a photo session?

Photos of property for sale after the price is one of the most important part of sale process. Most of buyers search a property according price, number of bedrooms and among of searching results they click on thats, which photos are attractive. So how to make our property look interesting enough to attract potential buyers? […]

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Why would you want to buy a property in Turkey?

You may find this question almost rhetorical and a bit bizarre…but believe it or not, there may be at least a dozen reasons and each and every one of us would have their own. Some would rather buy a property, because they simply have spent too much money staying in hotels while visiting Alanya more […]

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What does the agency do if you sign an open agency contract ?

The Agency on the provisions of this contract obliges especially to: create detailed advertisement which includes photos & video and add it to the home`s listing on sunlightestate.com and social media organize the viewing on the property for the potential buyers within office working hours *The Seller shall make possible to Agency view the property […]

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Which documents we ask if you want to sell property with our Agency?

If you decided to work about selling your apartment in Alanya with Sunlight Estate , then at the first stage, before we sign an agency contract, you will be asked to present below documents : copy of owner’s passport copy of tapu copy of iskan (the technical report given by municipality)*if you have such Turkish […]

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Advantages of granting the POA

Very often the subject of granting a Power of Attorney (shortly called POA) for selling your property makes you start feeling uncomfortable, and I actually understand it very well as there were so many unpleasant stories in Alanya. Yes, obviously you should indeed be very careful trusting anybody, but there are also other very important […]

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What the real estate agency is paid for?

Our company cooperates with developers which makes our service available for you without any extra costs. In case of new properties our wages are paid by the developers. As far as re-sale properties are concerned, we charge a fee of 2% of the property’s selling price +18% VAT from seller and buyer. This amount of […]

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Property valuation

Are you considering selling an apartment in Alanya, and aren’t sure what price you should ask for? Find out the current value of your home and discover how to get the most value from it - with a free, no-obligation appraisal from expert agents. Sunlight Estate, basing on experience and knowing realities of the local [...]

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Will I need to apply for any permission to buy apartment in Turkey?

Before “yes” but nowadays not any more.  What has changed?  If the building which you are interested in buying an apartment has been purchased by another foreigner, then it is enough. Your application will not go anymore to Izmir or Ankara 🙂 Means it’s now taking just max 2- 3 days in spite of 2-3 […]

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Living in Alanya – what a wonderful world or don’t stop the party?

In Alanya holiday season is starting. Almost all of the shops are open and offer brand new, “original” clothes, bags and shoes directly from designers 🙂 Also you can see that on the streets – 24 hours per day buses from various touristic companies are bringing people from cold Europe which missed sun, beach and sea. […]

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