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What currency to use in Turkey?

One of the most common questions asked by people visiting Turkey for the first time, is: “What kind of currency should I use in Turkey?” The answer seems obvious: the official currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira, and prices stated in that currency are usually lowest. Euro or U.S. dollars are accepted but it is […]

To Turkey by car

For the last few days the most frequent subject which appears in foreigners’ conversations is the new regulation of Turkish law that has been published in  the Journal of Laws on 13th October 2015. The new law provides extension of time within which cars from abroad belonging to foreign citizens can stay in the Republic […]

Starter package 25€

STARTER PACKAGE product     amount tomatoes 1 kg cucumbers 0,5 kg lemon 0,5 kg apples 1 kg mix seasonal fruits 1 kg lettuce 1 szt white cheese 0,25 kg yellow cheese 0,25 kg milk 1 liter eggs 15 oil 1 liter instant coffee 50 g lipton tea 25 sugar cube 0,5 kg bread 1 water 2*1,5 […]

Sale Service

Our company cooperates with developers, which makes our service available without any extra costs. In case of new properties our wages are paid by the developers. As far as second-hand properties are concerned, we charge a fee of 2% of the property’s selling price +18% VAT. This amount of money is our salary for the services we provide […]

Rental Service

Private, luxurious apartment close to the beach or an overcrowded in the season all inclusive hotel – what to choose? There are loads of holiday offers to visit Turkey, the travel agencies try to outdo one another in special offers and discounts – and that’s fine. The one that likes packed holiday, who doesn’t mind […]

Property Market in Turkey

Foreign buyers are interested in the real estate market in Turkey with figures from the country’s Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning showed that sales to overseas buyers more than doubled in the first six months of 2013 compared with the same period in 2012. Foreign investments in the Turkish real estate sector totalled 7,145 […]

Property Insurance

If you have already bought an apartment in Alanya or you are thinking of purchasing one, for sure you should consider insuring your property. The reasons why, are obvious, but it is worth mentioning how an insurance works in Turkey and what are the benefits. The required insurance is so called dask – which is an insurance […]

Investment Trip

Why is setting some time aside for the investment trip worth considering right now? Because we will organize that trip, so you do not have to think even where you will stay or how you will get from hotel to Alanya and what more we also refund the cost of the flight and accommodation* An […]

Annual Property Taxes in Turkey

The property tax on duplexes and villas, which are defined as luxurious goods are calculated differently and in effect, we can expect that the tax rate will be double compared to one-level-flats of the same metric area. The yearly tax is paid in two installments i.e. the first installment is paid between March and May, […]